This should probably be a shrine page but I have realized it's more than a passing yet eternal love, it is a diehard focus and passion right now. I have been teaching myself to do pixel art and animated pixel gifs. Internet graphics back in the day relied on amazing pixel artists for the best transition of visuals. Video files were things a lot of us couldn't do early on in the beginning internet age. But animated gifs, still larger fle size than low bit jpgs in many cases, were something most could manage over dial-up or slow internet speeds. People got creative with the format and the pixel hasn't gone anywhere. As such, there has been some absolutely incredible pizel art in the last several decades. I am collecting (mostly) animated pixel gifs here which somehow spoke to me or represent me or which I just like for one reason or another. Eventually, I will have a section/page for my own pixel art and pixel animated gifs. For now, however, enjoy these ones that I have collected and enjoy.

I identify with sadghost so much, but here's some more.