Welcome to my website here as part of the good ole Neocities community. I have been on the internet since 1991. From wasting days in the 24 hour school computer lab to lining up the day dial-up internet became available in my area for a regular ass citizen. From BBS to PowWow to Telnet to AOL to Hotmail to Livejournal to Napster to Limewire to Soulseek to Myspace to Friendster to Angelfire to GeoCities (which some Neocities users might not even know about, which is odd considering the nod from Neocities to GeoCities in the name) to net.art to online gaming to video calls to the birth of Google and beyond. I have been here for it. All of it. And here I am showing up for Neocities - a refreshing take for someone in my particular shoes. The nostaliga is heavy with both the overall aim of Neocities - and the aims of the diverse communities that have cropped up as a result of Neocities, but also in being able to just put down some HTML or CSS and have a website, like the years gone by. No crazy graphic UI drag'n'drop bullshit, no need for paid hosting or even an FTP client. I'm here for it, I love it.

I will be using this particular plot of the Neocities landscape to "reinvent" myself so that I may document and simply BE myself. I will be blogging here. I will be dreaming and planning here. I will be leaving a little piece of me here and hopefully I will find new pieces of myself here, as well. But I will be doing it anonymously. As Paintkiller. I have often talked about how odd it is that in the early days of the internet we all had these screen names and personas and along the way the screen names stayed but the personas faded as we learned to navigate this new social space and come to terms with our own identities in it. But, by and large, everyone was kind and supportive. The internet was a place for a certain kind of person in those early years, and it was a truly special place of - at least generally - like minded individuals. It was a kind space, overall. Now. Now that we are almost forced to use our real names and locations in most places on the internet, people seem to be disproportionately emboldended to be mean and angry and offensive and so forth. While using their real(ish) identities. How backwards is that, when you think about it?

Anyhow, I am glad to have found Neocities and look forward to just being me in this little space and welcoming whatever may blossom as a result.