We are creepy crawling into day five since my last kid left my house stating they had to move out and couldn't live "this way" anymore. In addition to hurling things I would never say to my worst enemy. Five days since I've been without my kids and not required to be concerned about them, as they're both adults and no longer under my roof (for how long, remains to be seen). But I've probably never been more concerned.

I'd be way more concerned if they didn't end up at their older sister's house. But even then, I'm not sure how long and to what extent this amazing young woman I managed to raise who is on such a course for greatness will tolerate, put up with, and help out my youngest. Them being off work for the better part of a week, having nearly no money, bringing a cat and a computer and a mess of unwashed clothes. Not my problem. I just hope everyone is being who they are, holding thier line and boundaries, is safe and saound, and planning for the next great move.

Being a parent is simultaneously the greatest and worst thing a person can do.

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