Not doing so hot. Yesterday was my Friday. Climbed in the machine and instantly got bombarded with negative feedback on my performance. Joke's on them, these are items I was never trained for and which are not documented in my copy of the fighter's manual. All the same, it really took the wind out of my sails on an already otherwise overall unpleasant day that was spent running back and forth from the toilet either puking or shitting. Pretty sure it was food poisoning. It's over now, but I cut my day short yesterday, via email. It was necessary, but not timely.

I'm already quite certain the rest of my team thinks I'm crazy or loathes me - or a combination of the two.

Having this little plot of cyberspace to work on and vent with has been life-saving, truly.

Interacting with and getting to know some of you other NeoCitizens has just been a bonus.

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