Well, that was basically my weekend. I did not manage to get much accomplished, other than grocery shopping and spending lots of time with my dog and napping. So, I guess, not a total waste. I certainly didn't do any of the projects or tasks around the house. I take that back, I vaccumed. Otherwise, nothing. And so much needs to be done. I just don't have it in me. My back injury is acting up again. Chiropractic worked for a while but eventually didn't. Physical therapy, injections, exercises, chiropractic... I'm just about out of options. I don't wanna be on pain meds for the rest of my life.

I got more beer and Evan Williams and cigarettes just in the nick'o'time before the new work week. The hours I work are great for being a high functioning alcoholic, they just don't work so well for keeping the juices flowing when you don't have a vehicle to run those sorts of errands. A "quick to the liq" turns into a 3 hours ordeal on the bus. But the hours I have available don't match up with the hours of the liqour store. So, needless to say, it's taken some learning and adapting since starting the new gig.

I had to reboot the workstation today, which I've been spending some personal time in, and when everything came back online I was signed into the workstation in earnest. A lot of email communication and change in the work evironment and dynamic can change in two days away from the team. I am getting compensated more, I learned. No argument here. A bunch of other things happened and changed, as well, which aren't as important. But, just crazy how quickly things can change without much - if any - notice.

I have been working on this website a bunch, but it hasn't been a bad thing. It's helped me dial in my grasp of the things I truly care about and am actually interested in. It's sort of provided me this accountability tracker, without being that in any true sense. Despite this little plot of cyberspace growing to be more than just an online journal, the therapeutic effects of something along those lines are exactly what I get from working on even just some code clean-up.

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