The tooth that I chipped some years back and which has been slowly deteriorating ever since is acting up big time today. To be fair, it's been acting up for a few months, but especially so today. I chipped off an even bigger piece a few months back and a crack turned into a hole turned into exposed nerves - and I'm sure some level of infection, as I have not tested positive for Covid and I have had a fever off and on again for a while and have just generally not felt like my normal self, let alone great.

Between my back and my tooth, I am ready for a body upgrade. This suit is old, tired, outdated, and beaten to shit. More Ibuprofen alternated with Tylenol. And many beers and whisky nips and pulls from the Delta8 pen. A bonus to all that killing my pain, is that I get to get drunk after work just about every day for the last few months. I can deal with the pain and I can deal with the job and the fucking people I live with. It ain't perfect, but it works.

Found out all new team members under the umbrella I operate are receiving an additional dollar bonus per hour, retroactive for a month and a week. It makes fighting these battles and manning the battlestation a little more tolerable. Everyone keeps saying things are going to even out with regard to the toolbox we're given and the learning curve. I don't see it, but it's gotta happen eventually. How else would people be raging this war for 5 or 10 or 25 years? All that said, I made a pretty collosal mistake today and while taking a little breather from battle one of my team mates ended up cleaning up the mess. That's a first and puts me at ease, if only a little, regarding my place on this team.

I've essentially been off Facebook for 10 days, however I did check in a few times over those 10 days. I didn't interact or post a new update or anything. Just checking alerts to see if they were important or not. Of course none of them were. But deleting it entirely today (as mentioned below) was liberating. As luck would have it, however, I spent more time on Twitter. Which I also deleted entirely today. I'd be lying if I said my addiction to those "platforms" (ugh, I hate that term for those things) wasn't eating at me a little. But, man, the time I was afforded today without looking at those things or posting nonsense on them is downright remarkable. As such, I will muscle through the withdrawal. Probably post here more. Definitely work on the site, overall, more. Maybe even start collecting my notes for the book I've been meaning to write for years and get busy with that. Or not. Who knows. Simply having this space to let things out, work on myself, figure myself out, re-invent myself has been wonderful - which I've remarked on repeatedly already.

Officially and completely jumped off both Twitter and Facebook today. Feels amazing.

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