I spend most of my days at war with a battlestation and toolbox that have limitations. They absolutely limit access to my usual personal aresenal. I have, as such, begun learning new weapons on a personal basis. I think I am getting the hang of some of them. Bitmap font creation, pixel art painting, and video degredation by whatever means necessary and available have been keepin' me quite busy and happy during down time behind the battlestation. I put some fonts up for free on the gifts page on this website here. I posted a pixel art piece I completed on some fairly recent journal entry. And I've been adding original photos or gifs to posts and pages, increasingly processed.

I owe a fair number of people money for work I was hired for but haven't completed, work for which I see no possible completion in sight. Thank god for tax season so I can satisfy those refunds wihtout dipping into my survival funds. Related: my usual habit and passion is all but gone. I can barely remember the rules and checkmarks I had for what was considered "good" and for a timeline that is deemed "reasonable". Another big sign I'm losing touch and headed south.

I'm just fuckin' depressed, fam. I know it, you know it. We'll get through it. I definitely feel like I'm sleepin' less than normal and drinkin' more than normal for these types of instances, so I'm not sure how to feel about that. I'm going to work every day, showering every day, doing my laundry, all the day-to-day shit I don't typically do when I sleep more and drink less. I'm counting it as a win.

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