I was hired to man this battlestation in the field. Orders have recently come down that all soldiers must work from camp moving forward. This is not what I signed on for and I have been told to report to camp or kick rocks. I am greatly considering kicking rocks, with a nod to tax season. If my refund is what it is supposed to be, I'm buying a car and gettting a different job. Working from home base is awesome, working from base camp is not so much.

My government grant for being a fultime single parent is over next month, as a result of the new gig and my youngest now being an adult. I knew it was coming, I did not understand how swiftly it would hit. With government support I have about $100 to play around with for supposed "non-essential" things each month. I've been working to put that toward savings. That is not a sustainable amount for saving, living, and eventually graduating from economic assistance. Moreso, with my grant being taken away, my finances average to be about negative $75 or more when averaged out on a monthly basis. How much goddamn sense does that make?

I am back on my #BoycottAmazon shit. Worst. Customer. Service. Experience. Ever.

I spent most of Amazon's existence chanting against it. For so many reasons. When Pandemic life hit, the entire world changed. Oddly, it seems to have mostly changed for the consumerist relationship.

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