Look at how sexy that cart is. The terps are, of course, a scrumptious golden brown. But look at the overall cart treatment. Gold all around. A nice circular mouthpiece with a nice open flow, compapred to some of those flatter mouthpieces with low airflow.

I fell in love with Salo.

Of course, her voice cannot go unmentioned. And it is the avenue I took to find my way to her.

When I saw her in the above video, before being certain it was her singing who appears in it, I was on a quest to find out who she was.

Salo is pretty much what I imagine as a perfect woman - as far as what I look for and what gets me going. Amazing voice, clearly artistic, and physically... Big curly piles of brown hair, olive skin, blue eyes, a larger nose (at least compared to modern so-called beauty trends), big hoop earrings, at least one facial piercing, street style overall but no entirely.

I have nothing of value to add to this day.

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