And on the fourth day he went to the emrgency room. My previous post is like a pre-fever dream, of which I have had plenty of over the last three days. I did manage to buy my van before I really started feeling like poop. Day number four and the first time I've had a fever above 100 since I was a child, I knew it was time to go get checked out. I am glad I did. I didn't tell my family, but the doctor said if I had watied another 2 or 3 days, I'd likely be looking at my deathbed.

I have had ongoing dental issues for a while - that I think I've mentioned more than once - that I only fairly recently started to address. Just in time, as it were. These two teeth that were mere days away from killing me were already scheduled to be pulled next week.

Anyways, I got the ride in the mix. I've only been sick before and since, so I haven't much else to report. Maybe I'll try and relay some of my fever dreams, I dunno, those things are always crazy.

Today's song:

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