You know I had to get involved in the very thing that brought me to Neocities.

Social media stomped the life right out of the internet and turned it into almost nothing more than a purchasing platform. Of course that's how it would go, that's how everything else has gone. I still think the notion of television and cable channels promoting and selling shit 24 hours a day is bizarre and a testament to how far we will go to fuck up the very things and places that are supposed to provide an escape from the mundane everyday existence of time is money and your worth is based on hours per day per task at hand. But look at us, selling our very essence to the corporations and not even getting to truly express ourselves in the process. Social media platforms have systematically stripped away any potential for true self expression beyond sharing photos. There are almost zero custimization options anywhere along the way for some time now on any known social media platform. Well, no more of that for me. I got off Facebook. I got off Twitter. I got off all of their predecessors, too.

And Yesterweb is a big part of that. I don't even truly know how I ended up at Neocities, but Yesterweb and Sadgirl were among my first follows and engagements on Neocities. Both places I spent some time reading and clicking around and remembering why I even got on the internet in the first place and for which I have, until recently, unknowingly been lacking and searching for in my online life.

At any rate, Yesterweb is working on a blast to educate people that there is more to the internet than 140 characters and the impending doom of the Metaverse. Get involved in spreading the wisdom, if you can. I submitteed the image at the top of this post as part of their pubmats collection. It hasn't been approved yet, hopefully it will be [*edit - it was approved]- it embodies my idea of a free and truly personal webspace, which is what Yesterweb is all about. Even if it doesn't get approved, I stand behind the mission 110%.

In personal news, I took the van for a spin today. It was the first official spring like day here and the first time I've felt like I resembled something of a normal human being for the better part of 7 days. This tooth infection kicked my ass, also brought about an actual flu like thing that has now moved on to the rest of my household and kept me in bed for over 75% of the last week. The fever dreams have been crazy. Yesterday and today are the days I've actually been up and about and trying to be a normal functioning human. Grateful it is not Covid, but it is not any more enjoyable, trust. All that said, yes, took the van out for a spin. Drove around for 4 hours. It is the dream I have had for years, in terms of a driving vechicle. Thing is just smooth sailing, cloud riding, elegant comfort - despite being 20 years old (or maybe as a result of being 20 years old). Windows open, tunes playing, smokes smokin', me lookin' down on everyone else other than truckers. Knowing I could pull over and climb in back and take a nap at any moment's notice. Man.

At any rate, as mentioned, I've missed a full 7 days of work at this point. That hurts the pocket book bigtime. But my health + the van = worth it.

Today's song:

[ B A C K ]