Going into the office wasn't as bad as I'd anticipated. That said, I am already tired of the games people play. And the people themselves. Peopling is tiring.

However, I'm playing the game too, so I get it. But. Maybe it's arrogant, but. I feel like I understand that I'm playing the game more than most people who are just playing it and all about it, I dunno. I do know that I am not all about it.

Some of these people try so hard to swing from the corporate nutsack, and for what. I don't understand the mentality, I definitely don't understand the methodology. Me? I punch in, I do my job without trying too hard and still somehow get praised for doing better than most, then I punch out and get the fuck out of Dodge. Some of these people look at this thing as their whole life and I don't get it. Trying to work up a ladder that doesn't exist, trying and/or pretending to make friends with fellow employees who will shit on your desk before they'll do you an favors - I'm not sure which is worse, trying or pretending. I don't know. I've just always looked at a job as, like, the last resort. Can you survive without a typical so-called nine-to-five while simultaneously not fucking anyone over or resorting to a life of crime? More power to you. I did it with art commissions for a while, it was amazing. it was also not sustainable. So here I am. Bitching about people and life at the office.

Like so many other humans out there tonight.

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