I ended the weird online kinda-relationship I had found myself in. And I did it without managing to hurt someone's feelings in the process, so I'd call that a win. All my years on the planet and in various kinds of relationships - and work I've put in on myself, too! - paid off in the form of me being honest, expressing my feelings clearly, considering the other persons feelings, and just generally communicating well in a healthy fashion. I'm kinda proud.

Some definite misunderstandings on each side of the table, but sounds like I'll retain a solid online friend despite it all. Time will tell.

Work absolutely destroyed me today. And almost all of what little there is left of my personal faith in humanity. And lemme tell ya, that well has been nearly bone dry for some time.

Thankfully there's music to sooth the soul. Listening to a live jungle Twitch stream right now while highly elevated and gettin' the tallboys down the throat as fast as possible. But this thing came out a couple days ago and has been stuck in my head all that time.

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