I fell in love with Sinead O'Connor all over again today.

The late 80s and early 90s were a once in a gajillion snapshot of the human race when it comes to the arts. Music, especially. The juxtaposition of the record version of "Troy" when it was released, her live version shortly after on the heels of the record releasing, and this cover/rendition almost 30 years later (at time of releasing - over three decades since). Today's popular music landscape has absolutely no room for someone like Sinead O'Connnor, certainly not like she had in the late 80s and early 90s - whether or not she wanted the accolades. That's three videos, three very different takes on the same song. Art.

I don't know. I am alone and lonely, while being comfortable as such rather than hungry for attention. But, at the same time, having a homie holler a little more than now and again would be nice. I'm like a cat, I guess. On my terms, hang out if you're cool with that. That's kind of narcassicistic sounding just laid out like that. Damn...

Am I a narcissist?

I am getting ready to start a project where I mix tunes for at least one hour every night. No other stipulations. My hopes are that it makes me tighter at mixing and more excited about making tunes of my own again. Depression be damned, even if I just play the same tune for an hour while looking for a tune to mix with it. One hour every night. I plan to do this for a year. I hope to have an amazing mixtape when those 365 days are up. I also hope to actually do it.

Fuck, I might be a narcissist.

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