First day of therapy was today. Instantly and initially felt like I wasn't gonna vibe with the therapist. Then I paused that thought and told myself to get out of my own way. That felt hopeful and healthy to do and recognize.

Still not sure if I'm gonna vibe with him, but I've got three more sessions scheduled over the next three weeks. Gonna put in the work and give it a solid effort and allow myself the opporunity to find out that maybe this therapist and I will vibe.

Had dinner with my housemates and talked about horror movies. Instead of politics and money, for once. Thank fuck.

Random dude at the store complimented me on my tshirt. Pretty cool, considering I drew it and it's a small community where I live that even know about the even smaller community it is for. So that was neat.

Still don't know how I'm payin' rent or gettin' the van fixed, but the internet bill got paid. Whew.

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