Missed therapy due to a hiccup at the bank tryring to pay rent. How, after three years of doing this, Wells Fargo doesn't understand that if you are not a bank account holder and are depositing to a business account with cash you actually can do it. I really don't understand not being able to despoit cash to a personal account, honestly, but a business account? Come on. It's not like every business has the same person doing all of their transactions, cash or otherwise. What should've been a five minute transaction turned into a thirty five minute transaction which involved a manager and me raising my voice - which I never like to do. But I am so unbelievably tired of people not being competent at their jobs and too many fingers in the pie for damn near everything these days - makes taking care of regular ass mundane tasks an unnecessary fucking nightmare.

As a result, I was running late for my therapy appointment. Only my second, to be clear. And of course, as luck would have it, there was a three block single lane closure on the four lane highway between my bank and my therapist which middle of the afternoon - not even rush hour - drivers just could not for the life of them figure out how to navigate. So, as such, I went from estimated time of arrival at my therapist's office being one minute before appointment time to eleven minutes after appointment time which actually turned out to be sixteen minutes past appointment time. I learned, as a result, that my therapy agency doesn't honor appointments if the participant is more than ten minutes late. Which I definitely was. So, that sucked and sucks.

I FaceTime'd with my daughter tonight. Haven't really spoken with her in almost a month. We've been doing the text and Discord thing and trying to coordinate during that time, but it just hasn't worked out. Twenty years old. I could NOT be more proud. Seeking out, participating in, and graduating from a pretty intensive therapy program. Having open and honest discussion with her partner and coming to terms with the fact that she needs her own space and shouldn't live with her partner at this time and her partner understanding and agreeing, utimately and not without some heavy emotions and moments but agreeing all the same. Moving from part time work into full time work with an early schedule and getting recognition and praise and a raise and potential promotion. Navigating looking for a new place to live without her partner on her own. And being just such an amazing and optimistic and talented and compassionate and true to herself human being. Just remarkable what she's done and is doing. Especially considering the fact that three years ago she wanted to take her own life and was hospitalized as a result. A true testament to the triumph of human perseverence and hard work and good support network.

Nothing from my bank yet, but we're only into day three of projected five-seven business days for resolution, so I'm just trusting in the process right now. My mom and my brother stepped up to help with rent and gas for the van. I wasn't so surprised by my brother being willing to help, as I didn't ask for much - a tank of gas and some money for food. But really surprised by my mom, who is constantly worried about money and seems to think that simply pulling one's self up by the bootstraps is enough when, in far to many cases, that doesn't do jack shit. That said, I still need to stack some cheddar to get the fuel injector fixed and I am just hoping and praying it doesn't shit the bed until I can manage to make that happen.

Which brings me to a bit of truly good news, the likes of which I haven't felt I've had the pleasure of experiencing or sharing for quite some time. About eight months ago my city announced they were going to attempt a Universal Basic Income pilot program and were looking for applicants. After 20 years of struggling as a fulltime single father with mostly unaddressed mental health issues (until recently), I instantly filled out the application. After some exchanges via email about economics and personal situations, it was deemed that I was not selected for the pilot - but they wanted to pay me $150 for my time doing the application, interview, paperwork, etc. I wasn't mad at that but I was disappointed I wasn't selected, while also understanding that while my struggle has been jsut that, there are people who are struggling more than I am. Some months went by and then I got an email requesting a meeting to verify some information and documents. I assumed it was just putting a bow on everything, as far as I was personally concerned. Turns out, due to people falling off or being excluded from the pilot for one reason or another, that I had it made from one of over 12,000 applicants to one of 200 people participating in the Universal Basic Income pilot! The pilot doesn't pay all the bills but it will certainly help get me back on track and my head back above water. To speak nothing of me being a proponent of Universal Basic Income for over a decade now, so being a part of a two year pilot program in my city for just that is kind of cool. Enjoying the benefit of the program, while being instrumental in working out its kinks for future participants. Finally... The Universe decided to throw me a bone.

Oh! And the driver side window in the van which has rolled up all but two inches since I bought it has decided to roll up entirely all of the sudden. Small win, but I'll take it. I never realized how loud the open window was until I didn't have to deal with it anymore. Amazing.

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