Well, the van shit the bed. It cannot be driven, even half a block. I don't even want to address the website for it, as I am just so defeated. Between it failing, my oral health concerns, my bank account getting hacked, just trying to pay bills and keep the pets happy. I'm done. Nothing to be done and nothing to be said. Too broke to do anything but keep waking up for work in an attempt to get ahead. Which, also, has to have some adjustments. Now I have to presume my boss and company are going to be okay with me riding the coat tails of my brother's schedule. No one is in office to make these decisions, so I just made an executive one and we'll find out on Monday if it's chill or not.

Fuck late stage capitalism and the uber-rich who run the program.

That said, I went for a walk before I decided to slit my wrists today. Here's some photos. Flowers and plants (and even boarded up hood life) are beautiful.

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