I've been workin' on the old website a lot. Really settling in here, I think.

Lord knows I don't have any crew in my area. Blessings to the homies from afar that still create and allow time for one another.

But with this artist block I have - across drawing, graphic design, and music alike - and not much goin' on in my life aside from workin' not eough, drinkin' too much, and smokin' juuust the right amount... Neocities and my website have been a great coping mechanism and tool to kind of work through some shit while also providing just the right amount of a-hem "community" and toolbox with which to be double a-hem "creative".

It's a good thing, too.

Shit is crazy mad fucked up right now - personally and as a society and as a planet (and probably as a universe) - and if I didn't have some place to come let off a little steam and create something and be distracted from it all a little, I don't even wanna think about what would happen. I kinda go mad when I can't draw or work on music, for real. If I didn't have other ways to let it out, uff...

I don't even know where to begin when it comes to the Roe V Wade ruling. I'm so sad and angry and concerned. I'm a great many other things, as well. But those seem to be my prominent feelings. It is such a bedpost notch moment for just how hard the government (and everyone involved, don't get me started) is fucking us. WIthout lube or protection or... Consent.

As a straight white hetero male, I definitely cannot even pretend to understand the actual impact that this will have on a countless number of women. And I cannot pretend to understand the absolute grievance this must feel. That said, I was raised by a single mother, my daughter is a young adult woman, my youngest is trans, my brother is gay, and the world is fucked.

I don't have many other feelings right now other than sad, angry, concerned. For real.

We are in for a fucking shitstorm in The States. Maybe not tonight, maybe not tomorrow, maybe not on a schedule that is comfortable for you and I or that is advertised to you and I, but it's coming.

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