I haven't run into a flag in any form, I don't think, for Demisexual here on Neocities, aside from the person credited with coining the term. So I made one. As I guess that's a pretty accurate description for me, personally.

I've kind of always found myself in a variety of weird relationship dynamics based on my emotional connections with my partners, and feeling like no one really ever felt or identified in the same fashion... Well, until stumbling on this term and definition resonating deeply with me.

At any rate, here is the stamp graphic I made for Demisexual. No credit is necessary if you repurpose it, but it'd be cool.

All that said, man, I miss being in love. That shit is the best feeling ever. Even when it is uncofortable and painful, there is nothing else like it on the planet.

I've had a couple of whirlwind relationships that were doomed from the beginning, but were also instrumental in becoming the man I am today. Loving so hard it hurts.

I'd take even some of the more undesirable parts of some of those relationships right now, for the disproportionately small positive return. That's sad. I'm sad.

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