A huge whole ass tree sized branch fell off this 150+ year old maple tree in my neighbors yard and hit our house. As of now, no major damage. Maybe a slight dent in the gutter and some scuffs on a few shingles, but nothing crazy. It didn't fall entirely from the tree, it got hung up on the break point of the branch and another adjacent branch, which is actually good for all involved, as it would've hit one of our houses full force otherwise. Been super nervous about the way it's caught up, just hanging half up and half down, but there was a guy out here to look at it and he said it's wedged in pretty good so no real danger of it falling the rest of the way down and fucking up our house for real. Whew. Last thing I need right now is a hole in the roof of my house.

Later in the day after it fell and everything was assessed and ensured to be alright, I saw this little fucker chilling up on top of the break point just clawing and chewing away at the freshly exposed wood and giving me weird looks. Not the greatest quality image, as I really had to zoom in, but.

Plumbers are coming to do a walkthrough tomorrow and fill us in on what, specifically, they will be doing when they come to get to work next week. Unbeknownst to us, there has been a plumbing situation in our house since we moved in that is 10 years behind the city code disallowing the situation. All of our plumbing works mostly right, but apparently there is some sort of venting issue that is in place in modern plumbed homes that never got addressed and updated when the rehab in the kitchen and both bathrooms took place before our landlord purchased the property. And here we are having to fucking deal with it. Likely going to be without water, hot or cold for the better part of a day for a solid three days in a row. Probably going to be holes in walls where they shouldn't be, definitely a lot of us having to move furniture and such, we are going to to have to kennel or otherwise detain our pets in rooms, and who knows what else. It's going to be a terrible inconvenienve and I am not at all looking forward to it. There hasn't been obvious or known issues in terms of whatever needs to be "fixed", so it feels especially annoying.

I hate renting, because we are at the whim of our landlord in more ways than not. But I would rather be inconvenienced than inconvenienced and footing the bill for the seemingly unnecessary work that needs to be done. So I'll shut up.

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