I stood in my backyard for a full ten minutes with my eyes closed. Just listening and feeling. A very light misty rain was falling and the wind was causing all of the trees to sing their songs. The sugar maples sing my favoite windy tree songs and autumn is the best time to hear it.

I live in the city legit, skyscrapers cut into the sky less than a mile from my front door. Police, fire, and ambulance sirens are heard nearly the entire day, while shitty music rings out from over charged soundsystems in disproportionately lame vehicles. Someone within earshot, indoors or not, is invariably heard shouting pofanities. Bare mininum, children in the area are fighting one another.

All this to say, more often than not, living in the city provides a soundtrack and environment that makes it difficult o truly relax.

Tonight, however, for those sweet and savored ten minutes with my eyes closed and facing the sky in my backyard... Wow... Nearly religious and entirely life-altering.

Then, the sound of a full clip being emptied no more than three or four blocsk from my front door.

I hate life, humans suck.

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