Today was my only day off between the previous six day run at work and the upcoming five day run. I stayed up less late last night than I typically do on nights preceding my days off. As such, I got a buttload more sleep than I normally would, and that was amazing. I managed to get outta bed and running for the day earlier, too, despite sleeping more than is the norm. Amazing.

I played a metric ton of Assassin's Creed Odyssey. I think it's the best video game so far, it is definitely my favorite video game, and I am having more fun playing it through a second time - this time for 100% of everything. As such, gonna be a while before I'm done, and I'm perfectly okay with that.

I took the bus to the store for some food and laundry soap and smokes. I missed the return bus home that I planned on catching. I couldn't even be mad, it was gorgeous out today. I sat under the shade of a big oak tree by my bus stop and lit up the spliff I inexplicably brought with me while waiting for the next bus - not due for thirty minutes. I typically never travel with herb, as it's not yet legal here. I mean, you can get Delta-8 and all that, but real actual factual marijuana is still illegal here for some stupid reason. It was an absolutely lovely pause from the hustle and bustle.

When I returned home I began to tackle the mountain of laundry that has been needing attention for a while. I got all of my clothes and towels done, bedding is nearing completion as I type. That feels amazing! it's the small things, right?

While laundry was happening, I took Ella out for a walk. She hasn't been a leash dog since she came home with me, and never was at her previous home either. Without verification from the rescue as a result of not knowing her history, while also looking at her behavior, it is pretty apparent she's never been a leash dog and definitely never been leash trained. I want to take her everywhere with me, so I am working to fix that. My previous dog didn't require a leash, she just followed me everywhere or found me very shortly after wandering off a couple inches. Ella is basically there, I think, but I don't want to risk it. She is definitely reactive to vehicles driving by when we're out for a walk. I think she would probably find cover and then come look for me when they passed and the situation was over, but I don't want to risk it. And, again, I wanna take her everywhere with me like I did Swizzle. As such, we've been going out for walks on harness and leash the last week or so and she's been doing pretty well. Today we made it aroud the block without her freaking out every time a car drove by and she only tugged on the leash three times. For nearly the entire block she stayed right in stride and on the same (right) side the entire walk. Huge improvement in a weeks time.

I let her have a time on the boulevard with some smells. She came home and pass the fuck out. It was really quite immediate and hilarious and endearing. I love this dog so much it's probably borderline unhealthy.

While out for a walk, I saw this original piece of art done in spraypaint on cardboard that was stapled to a light pole in my hood and I couldn't not document it. How amazing!

At any rate. I am endevoring to look at life for what it actually is and not what it has become. Therein, I focus less on work and money and more on mental health, education, and artistic creation. This rat race bulshit is not how we are supposed to be living. As such, I want to focus more on the way we are, in my belief, supposed to be living and work on a more positive mindset and headspace. Today was a great day to enjoy to affirm that initiative. I just want to experience the Earth and various cultures and experiences as a result of both. I'm over the rat race, the stepping on of toes, the throwing people under the bus, the constant need for gratification and entertainment.

It's time to S L O W down.

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