I got caught on a recorded line at work calling a customer a "fucking idiot" after (I thought) the call was over. Ope. Luckily me, my work performance is amazing otherwise and the customer actually was a fucking idiot, both my boss and the guy responsible for reviewing calls thought it was funny and I got off with a light and laughable warning.

The police department called me while I was at work and left a message stating that they have a group of five recently picked up individuals with two of them potentially matching my description of the two dudes who jumped me and wondering if I could come in and ID them. So going down to the cop shop tomorrow morning to see. Wild.

If you've listened to any of my Podkiller Paincast sessions (which you absolutely should do if you've not), you'll know that I love jungle music despite none of it appearing in my Favorite Albums list (yet). This weekend, it actually started about a dozen hours ago from the time of writing this entry, there is a nonstop Twitch Raid Train dedicated to one of the most important breakbeat samples to the genre, and many other famous songs outside of the genre. I said I was done with Twitch, but when I heard about this, I had to get back on the platform. If you're not familiar with the genre or sample, it's called the "Amen Break". It is a drum beat that is considered the most sampled piece of music of all time. As mentioned, an entire genre of music exists almost solely as a result of it. This weekend's Twitch Raid Train is dedicated to the breakbeat in question and raising money for both the family of the drummer responsible - who was never paid as a session musician at the time and received very little compensation later in life. Especially when considering how impoirtant this breakbeat has become in music. Here's the link for the website for more information, to donate, and to find info on the Raid Train. The website only listsd today (Friday's) event, so I guess today's was the main focus, but the Raid Train rides on and you can keep up here. I'll be losing a lot of sleep over this weekend.

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