Got sent home from work early as a result of The Rona. My brother, who I work and share a vehicle with, tested positive after a number of people called out from his department. I've tested twice now and come back negative. So much varying information about testing timeleine, infectious levels, and more. That said, I feel pretty shit. I woke up with chills, achey bones, a mild headache, a very runny nose and a bit of a cough. My brother mostly has the cough and runny nose and low energy level, and not much else. We are all locked down, isolating, working from home.

And rescheduling my youngest's birthday party and birthday dinner, as a result. I feel so bad. They had an awful experience yesterday when certain folks didn't even mention their birthday and then acted as if they didn't forget and "just wanted to wait until you enjoyed a first full day of being 19". What a crock of shit. She forgot and tried to smooth it over with some bullshit lie.

As a result of The Rona in the house and me generally not feeling well, despite repeated negative test results, we had to reschedule our burger dinner date too. And they took it like a champ. So much love.

I realized, looking at a lot of my recent Neocities feed updates and journal entries that I sound like a dramatic piece of shit. I am not. Going to endeavor to post and share more positive stuff.

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