Well, there it is. Kinda knew it was coming. But there it is. My positive test result for The Rona. Second test actually, as I guess you're supposed to take a second just to ensure it's not a false positive. My head and sinuses and lungs and stomach can guarantee this is not a false positive, lemme tell you hahaha.

My youngest, who still lives with me, is starting to feel like poop. And really feeling the weight of canceled birthday plans and delayed birthday celebrations, as we had to cancel our burger date and then they had to cancel movie night tonight with their sister, my oldest. So sucky.

My mom is also likely going to test positive in a day or three. She's old as fuck. As much of an issue as I have with the woman, it's gonna suck for her the most if she gets it, more likely than not.

So far, the first one to get it in the house seems to be doing the best. So twisted.

Nearly three years into the thing and we've been fine. All of the sudden, each and every one of us when the thing is reportedly at it's least worrisome so far. Oh Universe, you so twisted indeed.

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