I love it when it first snows for the new winter season.

Living in the actual hood, extra hood adjacent, it's rarely quiet when one takes out the trash, or has the dog take a pee, or steps out for a smoke, or spends any amount of time doing anything outdoors. It's always yelling and screaming and sirens and crashes and gunshots and construction. And it gets old. Constant droning static in your earholes.

When the first significant snow falls, that changes. It's like a dampening blanket on existing. It's like a noise filter. It's like everyone takes a nap or something. And I love it.

I smoked an entire cigarette on my deck without hearing anything other than my breath, snow falling, and squirrels running around. It is was spectacular.

Made some prizes for a Neocities homie that won a game in my Discord, which you can check out here, nearly opening the floodgates of my 11.5 month long artist block!

I have a feeling as we get into end of year aka holiday season aka fml that I will be journaling more and more personally just to keep my head more or less screwed on straight. It's about to get hectic and I know it.

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