Got back from hanging with my kids for the holiday. Well, my kids and one of their boyfriends who, at this point, is damn near like another adult child of mine. I hadn't realized just how long my daughter and he had been together until tonight. Will they be together forever? Who knows, but it's been a long haul already and they have a more healthy relationship than most old grown ups could even imagine, so who's to say. At any rate, just got home and settling down with some holiday beers and buds and beats and just sort of basking in the warmth that the evening provided for this cold black heart.

It was the first chance my daughter and I have had to get together at her place since she moved so I snapped a couple pics. Her and her roommate have style, that's for sure. So proud of what an amazing young woman she's turned into.

My daughter made a tasty dish of various colored baked potatoes and radishes and onions, topped with dill and red peppers and feta and olives. Super yummy. I made a family secret recipe tuna pasta salad, which I'd not made in a number of years but was always a favorite with my kids. My youngest was going to make stuffing, but after the steaks that my daughter's boyfriend made followed the first two dishes we were all too full. We even forgot about the cheesecake that was in the firdge because we were all so satisfied.

'Nuff conversation about my mom, my kids' grandma, which was therapeutic but not overshadowing or overtaking of the matter at hand for the evening. Lots of laughs and truly intelligent and healthy discussion on a number of topics. So odd how my young adult children can hold better, more engaging, and truly healthy conversations in a million ways my mom can't - and how refreshing it was to do so on a holiday and at a family gathering without the impending doom of her input.

Chilling out with some beers and buds and beats, as mentioned, and just fucking happy with a holiday get together for once. Wow.

UPDATE: Two Hours Later

I received this text from daughter:

Holiday season complete. Mish accomplish.

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