I've mentioned numerous times in various places on this site that I'm a semi-retired graffiti artist. I say semi-retired because I believe that once a graffiti artist, always a graffiti artist to one degree or another. I sure don't go out painting like I used to, but I don't think that I'll ever stop doing it entirely. Additionally, I still actively tag and put up stickers, along with doing legal work on occasion and forever allowing graffiti to influence and have say in my other artwork.

Back when Fiverr first launched and everything was actually $5 (that seems absurd and a lifetime ago now), I offered $5 Handstyles there and was moderately successful and did a good number of them through the platform. I was aslo still on social media at the time and made $5 Handstyles available on all of those platforms, too, where I did moderately well and fulfilled a good number more.

Recently I felt the urge to make them available again, but I don't want to mess with Fiverr and I am no longer on social media and I don't want it to overtake my life like I felt it had at one time or another back when I made them available everywhere.

If you don't know what a handstyle or tag is, hit this Wikipedia page for a rundown.

If, after that, you're interested in a $5 Handstyle of your own, then read on!

For the small sum of five prepaid American dollars, I will craft a one of a kind, all original, super dope handstyle with the word or words of your choosing. Within reason.

I won't do anything racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, etc. I will do just about anything else! It can be your name to use as a header on your website. It can be the name of your band to use as a logo on releases, merch, etc. It can be a short quote or saying to use any way you choose. Use your imagination! Want a sick handstyle just to have and give to a special someone that says their name or your nickname for them? Done. Want a cheap as hell logo for your band, brand, or other project in a graffiti/street art style? Done. You get the picture.

I'm not going to be terribly specific and restrictive for guidelines and requirements to procure your own $5 Handstyle from yours truly outside of not doing hateful and narrowminded biggoted words/concepts. But. I do retain the right to refuse any commision for a $5 Handstyle for any reason - whether it's the content, subject matter, size/number of words, or anything else. I don't see this happening if you're mindful of what you want and the cost at which you're getting it. And, of course, you will be refunded entirely in a timely fashion if this ends up happening, no hard feelings on this side of the table - hopefully none on that side.

A few other things to consider...

General turnaround time I quote as 7 days, but it may take a little longer or happen a lot quicker. If you feel you've waited too long and you haven't heard from me with an update or final product, don't hesitate to get in touch. There are no revisions. Final product is delivered via email and you get PDF, JPG, and transparent background PNG file formats. You retain full rights and ownership once the final product has been delivered - no royalites to be paid out, no credit needed to give, nothing, it's yours free and clear to do whatever you want.

Did I miss any other questions you'd like answered before sending me that five bucks to get your own? Just email me and I will be happy to address your concern!

To get your hands on your own original, unique, dope $5 Handstyle, follow these directions:

Send $5USD (five American dollars) via PayPal, Ko-fi, or tipping on Neocities.

Be sure to include in the notes of your transaction the word(s) you want included in your handstyle, ensuring everything is spelled and spaced the way you want it represented. If you forget to include this in your transaction notes or don't see a notes option, for whatever reason, follow up your payment with an email including the word(s) you'd like spelled and spaced how you want to see it and the payment method and sender details so that I know which payment the handstyle is associated with.

And maybe you'd like to see some examples of previous $5 Handstyles before placing your order? I don't blame you. Allow me to oblige. Here is just a small selection of previous $5 Handstyles. Click on images to load higher resolution in a new tab. As new $5 Handstyles are completed, I will add them here and somehow indicate that it is a recent completion.