My full time job is driving bus for the local public transit company. If you live in any sort of larger sized metropolitan area, you surely have a transit system consisting of either bus lines, train/subway lines, or both. If you've ever ridden public transit in a larger metropolitan area, you certainly have experienced some weird situations and colorful characters.

As a driver for public transit in my metropolitan area, I am privy to those weird situations and colorful characters far more often and much more up close and personal than I would if I were simply being a rider. I will document the truly peculiar, bizarre, funny, and scary ones I enconter on my daily routes here.


While I wasn't actually in the driver's seat for this one (still training and rely on public transportation as my primary way of getting around for the time being), I thought it worthy of including here.

A young couple is sitting on two of the three aisle facing seats on one side of the bus. A much older woman is sitting directly next to them on the third aisle facing seat.

The young couple is snorting a white powder through a straw from a small folded up piece of paper. The older woman next to them leans over and shouts in their face "Don't be smokin' none of those drugs on the bus, ya heard!?". The young male in the couple wipes his nose and replies "We're not smokin' anything, we're sniffin' coke!". The older woman reponds with "Oh, okay, carry on, young man.". The younger girl in the couple matter of factly states "We're on our way to work, we need to be awake.".

No other exhanges between the couple or the older woman. And not a single person on the bus reacted or even turned their head.

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