I have recently dived headlong into AI generated art. Most specifically Midjourney. I intend to dabble in other AIs that are available. I intend to share my favorite works from each of them and discuss it a little here.

I have tried a lot of tools since the AI Art thing became a current topic and more widely accessible, I am currently heavily playing around with Midjourney. I have a few issues with the platform, most notably being that it exists almost entirely on Discord, as far as a creator or interactor is concerned. I have voiced my concern about Discord here a couple of times and, until getting on board with Midjourney, have sworn it off completely, recenty.

I paid for a "month" subscription and it gives you on or about 200 images to generate at the basic $10 a month subscription. I don't know, I met that number in about a week, between variations and upscalings, so I'm pretty disappointed there. $10 a month. That's not a huge bill, but as a curious part time user coming from a visual art background, that was way too short and quick.

I will share new works here from newest to oldest, with any accompanying commentary to follow suit.


I've continued to work with Midjourney at length. Of the AI tools available for art creation that I've tried, it is certainly my favorite. If only it didn't have those pesky word restrictions. Anyhow, here are some new pieces I've created using it since my last update here.



Entry Point

Exit Point

Petri Dish

Divine Electron


Storm Front




Ornately Series


I tried out the beta of DreamStudio, at the recommendation of Arlita (a super cool Neocities chica and general ray of sunshine you should definitely follow) and I am glad I did. She mentioned she burned through her first 50 images quickly, and I sure as shit did too. I have my fingers in a few different AI art pies so I'm not gonna pay for a membership just yet, as I get 15 free images with it each month - so I set a monthly reminder to go brun through those while I work deeper with Midjourney - and now Dall-e2, as I was granted access just today!

At any rate, I did manage to craft one really sweet image from DreamStudio, which I then edited in Adobe Illustrator. I didn't get enough time with DreamStudio before I burned through my free images - and I was pretty drunk and high while I did so - so I honestly didn't pay too close of attention to what sort of preferences I set. I do like that there are a lot more options to finetune with it than the other AI art generators out there, so I am looking forward to investigating that some more and trying a multitude of variations - just not now.

Now. Now I am mostly thrilled that words like "blood" and "intestines" aren't disallowed from the prompt on DreamStudio. Because any prompt (that is - a word that in mostly agreed upon terms of overall conotation) is considered even a little taboo, triggering, or risque is blocked. I have figured some ways around it for a lot of the work I've done on those platforms, but to be able to type blood and intestines and get a result was very refreshing.

Here is the singular piece I managed to create with DreamStudio in my first 24 hours of using it, an image very loosely yet somehow very closely presenting what I was going for.

Two things AI art tools struggle with are human hands and eyes. I have been fighting those beasts a lot. Anyhow, here is the first truly human AI generated piece I've done that I'm mostly satisfied with. Eyes are still a bit shit though.



A new batch of works generated in Midjourney and then edited in Photoshop, Illustrator, or both. This time with more intended final outomes from the generations than anything previous. I even gave these ones titles. These, too, are available for purchase for use as album covers, book covers, game assetts, personal collections, or whatever-the-fuck else. Just get in touch.

A Cross, The Ocean






It's been a couple of months since I put this page together and shared my first works with Midjourney. I have found a bit of a flow and understanding when it comes to how to get good results and interesting works out of Midjourney, I believe. These are recent works. I spent a lot of time on these in terms of refining the prompt, working versions, upscaling, and editing in Photoshop. All of these are available super cheap for album covers, flyer adverts, game assetts, personal art collections, or whatever else you might wanna do with something like this work. Hit me up to discuss, I promise rates are stupid low.

Here are my first pieces that I felt met my requirements, in terms of mood and content and vibe and overall presentation. If you know how to word things, Midjourney is amazing and will put most traditioanl artists out of business relatively quickly. I will have a journal entry about that soon.

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