Interview at the bus company got crushed, as I anticpated. Got my commercial learner's permit on my own time and dime and submitted it, so now they can proceed with the background check. Once that comes back clear, which it will, I will have to take a drug test and pass - might be problematic and need some detox kit or something as I've been smoking off and on and tomorrow is 4/20, but I'll figure it out. Excellent pay and nearly a guarantee once all the steps and processes have been done and gone through. Cannot wait to get my feet back under me, get a set of wheels, get a new PC, stop eating like a homeless person, and so on.

Tomorrow is 4/20 and one of my favorite jungle producers from the UK is coming through town. We don't often get a lot of international touring acts here, my city is often referred to as a flyover city for big touring acts, so I am beyond stoked. A couple longtime oldschool acquaintances in the jungle/dnb scene are opening for him and there is sure to be a bunch of other oldschool friends and acquaintances there for this one, so I'm super pumped. On the best soundsytem in my city, in a warehouse, BYOB, it's gona be lit. Probable pics to come, definitely intend to write up my report. It's been so long since I've been to any live music event, let alone a jungle/dnb show, let even more alone an international touring act that is bucket list material for me. Well chuffed!

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