Got that first paycheck from the new job yesterday, that shit felt amazing. Of course, it's gone already because I had to pay up on all the bills and start paying some folks back. But, shit, that was it's own kind of reward, too.

Got together with my kids for dinner tonite, it'd been too long. We are all working and have our own lives, finding and making time is it's own special task. But we found time tonite and went to this cool restaurant in the arts district and ate some delicious food and had a a couple of cocktails.

I had this amazing Cuban sandwich with their house cut fries that are seasoned. Absolutely delecious in every way. Conversation was delightful, both of my kids are young adults and navigating the world on their own now. Both of them have had some pretty severe struggles but are figuring it out and I couldn't be more proud to see them grow, learn, and adapt.

My oldest got the beef tar tar. I've never had beef tar tar, as it always sounded rather disgusting, to be honest. But she is an advernturous eater and tries different foods all of the time. I tried some of it, it was pretty good actually! Learned that she got picked at her workplace to go to a conference on the east coast as part of a woman focused diversity initiative in her union, as her industry is more than dominated by men, so that was pretty cool - I'm excited for her. She's getting ready to move, too, and this time she will be moving into her very own place - no significant other, no room mate, no family. She's crazy stoked and I am, too, for her.

My youngest had their house burger and fries. I didn't try the burger but they said it was amazing. They recently switched jobs after quitting their prveious job on the spot due to some pretty toxic things and is settling nicely into their new position. I was pretty concerned about them finding work and finding work they would enjoy, but it sounds as though they are pretty happy with the position and pay - they just wish they were getting more hours now instead of having to wait to move into full time after probation.

I also had an Old Fashioned for the first time in my life. I'm not much of a typical cocktail kind of person. I enjoy beers and straight spirits on the rocks. This was a pleasant surprise and I really ejoyed it's flavor and aroma.

Despite our own issues and our collective issues and some of the things that have happened and that we have done as a result, I love my kids more than anything and I miss being daddy. I miss them needing me and I miss being able to help them and entertain them and educate them. It does the heart some real damn good to get together with them.

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