I went for a walk in the light rain this afternoon, it was delighteful. First time the temp outside has been one that actually felt comfortable for at least two months now, so that was a bonus.

Made my way to the library and got myself a new library card, something that I've been wanting to do for literal years now but could just never bring myself to follow throuh on. I ultimately wanted to check out a few art reference books I used to own back in the day but my library only allows use within the library, no checking them out. Probably because they've been stolen countless times due to being such awesome books. So that was a disappointment. So I just grabbed some randomness to get the reading juices flowing again.

I also saw an open top semi truck and trailer tipped over with everything inside the trailer spilled all over the ground. Looked like a bunch of debris from a construction site or something. Had the whole main drag jammed up, though. Was a wild sight to see in the middle of the hood.

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