I found out about a small business cafe just a couple blocks from my place that has been there the entire time I've lived in this house but somehow eluded me. So naturally, I had to go check it out upon learning of it. Multi-culotural staff was nice to see upon entering, considering the location of it. Enough artwork, presumably from locals as I didn't recognize any of the pieces or names, which was also nice to see. In retrospect, I should've gotten pictures of some of the pieces, as several of them were really quite good. No worries, I will definitely be going back.

There was a lot of really delicious sounding dishes available, a sort of hybrid menu of traditional American cafe food mixed with a nice helping of ethnic and ethnically inspired treatments of traditional American flavors. But I wasn't feeling very advneturous today and when I saw the BLTA (Bacon, Lettuce, Tomato, Avocado), my mouth started watering. So that's what I had. Unassuming looking but incredible tasting.

My daughter is moving apartments tomorrow. She is moving into her first apartment all by herself. No boyfriend, no roommate, no family. Just her. And her cat.

I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little worried for a few reasons. Everything, financially, is in her hands now. And the first time out in that scenario can be daunting and more of a bite taken than initially realized. And she's moving to a part of town that's just a bit more dicey than where she currently lives. But she's a smart, bright, capable young womand so I am hoping for the best. She asked me to help her move, which was nice. I haven't felt like either of my kids have particularly needed me for a couple years now, and that's something - almost the only thing - that I've know for 20+ years now. So I'm kinda stoked.

On the other side of the coin, my youngest is back in the psych ward. It sounds like they were more aware than the last time around and got themselves there before they had the time and opportunity to do something that can't be undone. So that's growth that I'm really glad to see. But I hurt for them so much. The dynamic of where they live is a big component to the struggles and heartache, in addition to a mixed bag of mental and emotional health concerns. And that just sucks to see your kid go through. They are confident this was a good move, as am I, and that things are looking up regarding the living dynamic in the short term - which I am not so inclined to agree with.


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