Here I will share my Bandcamp collection in descending order in relation to date of download/purchase. Over 3000 releases deep in my collection, this page will be a work in progress for some time and see updates often as I continue to add releases from my collection. And I don't intend to stop buying music through the platform, so it will always be a work in progress of sorts.

If you're not familiar with Bandcamp, it is an American online audio distribution platform founded in 2007. Unlike so many other digial audio platforms out there, Bandcamp is independently run by the artists behind their Bandcamp page and enjoy the largest percentage of payout per sale of any platform out there. Additionally, during the pandemic - and still - Bandcamp has been doing Bandcamp Friday, wherein for the entirety of a particular Friday the artist gets 100% of the money made from sales that day. Bandcamp is a truly remarkable platform and community.

Just click on an album cover to be taken to that release page to stream and download incredible music across, near literally, all genres of music. Curated by yours truly over the last 11 - almost 12 - years.

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