I really don't know what information to include here, as it's quite apparent that more than one playing card company did a run of these with small differences here and there. I do that know this deck, in particular, was printed by the Liberty Playing Card Company which does custom deck printing for anyone willing to pay for it.

I'm curious to know who was originally behind this deck idea and concept, though, so if you have any concrete information - please let me know.

The deck, itself, is nothing special. No special treatments for coating, edges, box, pips, back or anything, really. Even the camoflauge backside of the card is underwhelming, if we're being honest. The only truly noteworthy thing about this deck is the subject matter and then the placement or ranking of each of the subjects included. I'm not going to get into a political rant here, this ain't that space. It's simply an interesting deck and collectible.

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