"Stargazer Nebula" comes from, arguably, the most famous playing card company on the face of planet Earth. That's right, Bicycle. I have many decks from Bicycle in my collection and this is the first of those many to appear here.

The back of the card features a sort of psychedelic image representing the swirling gases in space. It's almost tie-dye like. The face of the cards feature a much darker and muted treatment of the back image with custom pip illustrations that are sort of classic and also sort of psychedelic, too. The face cards definitely retain a classic feel but the updated treatment pushes them out from the bunch a bit. The print treatment is referred to as "Air Cushion", whatever that actually means. It's a slick and smooth deck and playing with them is a treat.

The box features the back of the card illustration with silver relief print all around, a really striking box presentation for a nice deck of cards.

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