Good news! (for once)

I had a preliminary phone interview today that went very well. Final interview on Wednesday. It's for an office/front desk position for an organization that provies mental health services. Taking into account my health issues and physical abilities, my desire to have a job with some sort of true purpose, and considering my work experience - this would be a perfect fit for me. The woman I interviewed on the phone with today agreed. She went so far as to say that they are looking for a permanent office manager, as the current one has accepted a higher up position with the organization and is looking to get her role filled - so I shouldn't be surprised if it gets brought up in my final interview on Wednesday. Excuse me as I pick my jaw up off the ground. Not counting my chickens before they hatch, but this is the most promising course of events - which all happened within the course of about three hours today - since I began looking for work again. Fingers. Fucking. Crossed.

My kid who moved out unceremoniously while telling me they hated me and wished I would die texted me today with this message...

My heart melted a little.

I am once again facing hardship with getting rent paid for March, hopefully for the last time in a long time. If you are able, please consider helping a brother out.

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