Lots of people don't care for instant noodles for a number of reasons. I think the primary reason is that they represent, in some form or another, poverty to a lot of people. Rightfully so. If you've ever been poor, you likely ate a lot of them. They're cheap. You can prepare them almost anywhere with very little effort or other items needed. They are versatile and can be the base or additional ingredient for a lot of other recipes that only require an additional element or three. You can buy them in bulk. All things that low income foods are traditionally known for.

I am probably (definitely) still a poor person, so let's get that out of the way. But. Even if I weren't, I'd still eat instant noodles on the regular. Also, for a number of a reasons. I like how quick and easy they are to make - again, in almost any condition or environment. I like how many varieties there are, there's literally an instant noodle for any taste bud out there. I like that they are as verastile as they are - I add meat, egg, veggies, and other spices to them all the time for a plethora of tasting and dining experiences. I like the little packets of spices and seasonings and how every one is different. I like the branding and presentation of a lot of them. And I like that some of them have ingredients and instructions in a language I can't read so sometimes I just never know what I'm getting into with a pack of noodles.

On an old personal website I had 3 or 4 years ago that no longer exists, I started a similar project like this. Unfortunately, with the demise of that site in conjunction with my lack of backing up pics, I don't have the hefty collection of instant noodle pics that I once did. So let's try again. Here we go. Eating, documenting, and sharing pics of the instant noodle packages that I've eaten. So, that's what's gonna go on here.