I got together with my kids today to celebrate Fathers Day, since they both work tomorrow. First time seeing my youngest since they were in the psych ward. First time truly hanging with my oldest since then as well, since being at the Brutus concert together wasn't really hang times, it was concert enjoying times.

I was pretty stoked that they took the initiative to initiate doing something considereing how my youngest moved out and the things they said and how my oldest and I have butted heads a bit over that whole scenario and related things since. They reached out. They coordinated things. They made the plans. I didn't really have to do anything but make myself available. A nice gesture, all things considered, especially in light of how touch and go some things have been.

Neither of them drive but they managed too coordinate and get themselves over to the house. We chilled here for a bit, catching up a little and hanging out with all the fur babies. Then we went to the local family owned hometown restaurant that we've spent a lot of time at together over the last five years. Again, their idea and planning. Ate some awesome food. The cheese curds were especially delicious. Talked a lot about interesting and engaging things each of us are into and all of us are into together. Caught up on life events in the last couple months. Laughed. It was really nice. Then we came back to the house and hung out with the animals some more and had more conversation. It didn't quite get to the apology and acknowledgement realm for things said and done that it probably should have and that I would certainly have liked it to have - but it was close. And it was nice.

They are growing up and some brdiges are being rebuilt and I am elated.

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