Day one at the new job today. I was the only male new hire. It was a weird dynamic in training. I've been told I'm intimidating looking many times in my life, especially since I let the beard and hair grow out and put on a few pounds. I did my best not to scare the women in the room, but the younger ones were clearly a little at odds with me initially. I don't understand it, but I get it. Who knows what their life experiences have been and preconceived notions are. But at the same time, I mean come on. I'm a big softie. A little rough around the edges, for sure. But a goddamn softie and sweetheart. Eh.

Boring ass day with lots of paperwork and making sure all of our login informations will work and all that. Typical first day office scenario. Tomorrow the real training starts and that should be interesting. It's not at the office I'll be working in and none of my subsequent training will be. Once training is done then I transition to my home office. Odd dynamic and I'm the only one who has a scenario like that. Peculiar.

I also gotta pick up legit business casual clothes before I start at my home office. My lackadaisical attempt at business casual ain't gonna cut it, heh.

Bright spot(s) in recent news - I'll receive my first payout from Twitch for streaming in a day or three. Wild, I literally never thought that would be a thing I would say let alone be possible. And I'll get a paycheck for a week's worth of work from the new job just in time to pay rent. Whew.

Kinda shitty thing - my first payout from Twitch will be like $3 shy of bringing my bank account out of the negative. Sigh. Forward is forward, though.

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