Holy shit holy shit holy shit...

I am going to see Brutus this month in my home town - which, as I've mentioned many times, is usually considered a flyover town for a lot of big touring acts, especially international touring acts. Unfuckingbelievable!

I've posted about Brutus before here on my website, as well as on my Neocities feed. And for good reason. They are simply amazing. Hailing from Belgium and never having hit my home town on previous tours, I can barely contain my excitement. They are one of my favorite musical discoveries of the last decade, full stop.

Full report to come after the show later on in the month, certainly to include pics and vids and hopefully tales of me being an insufferable fanboy if I get to meet Stefanie Mannaerts, the bands vocalist and drummer.

If you're not familiar, geek out on these few videos of theirs and if you like what you see/hear - go find more videos and buy their music and merch!

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