Since I purchased my first cell phone back in 1996 I have been relatively obsessed with mobile communication devices. I had plenty of pagers over the years, as well. I know there are other websites that document each and every mobile device and what they could or could not do and each and every spec about them. That is not the type of obsessed relationship I have and have had with them. I always looked at them in a sort of abstract fashion. If this Nokia from 2000 can play Snake, it can be used to create art of a sort. At least that's my mindset at the time and over the course of time as mobile devices evolved.

I never managed to get the Nokia to do things I thought worthy of documenting or sharing, but there were some great screen effects that could be achieved and it had a tool to compose and record your own ringtones, which I did a lot of - and unfortunately have zero record of. If we had only known.

As time went on and cellphones got better and ultimately turned into pocket computers, I did manage to find a way to create artwork with them. Here I will be sharing some of the work I created with them. These will be different from digital drawing and painting apps, which are available for any mobile device concievable. These are not that. These are experimental and process driven pieces that are entirely digital. I took a photo and then processed it, most often very heavily, and the outcome is the work.

I will eventually add a list of apps and effects and settings that I used to achieve these pieces.