As a lifelong appreciator of logos and logo design. As a 30 year veteran of logo crafting. As someone who was once a heavy and active member of the Christian faith - and is anything but today. As someone who believes in the power of energy - seen and unseen. As someone who is a visual artist across a number of mediums and various styles. As someone who habitually doodles at any given and free moment. As someone who has thought the cross and the pentagram are two of the coolest symbols/icons ever - faith and intent and general understanding of them aside. As someone whose roots are 100% Northern European and heavily Norse. As someone who can read and write two Rune languages. As someone who overshares when it comes to personal output.

Here is my Little Book Of Sigils.

I am sure at least one person who visits this page will think these are evil and Satanic. They're wrong. If anything, these are healthy and therapeutic for me, their creator and artist. I have struggled with my mental health my entire life. I was diagnosed with ADD/ADHD in 9th grade. I was diagnosed with clinical depression at age 22. I was diagnosed with severe depression at age 23. I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder at age 30. I also have an addictive personality and have tried most drugs, got heavily addicted to one - methamphetamine - which I managed to kick cold turkey after nearly 4 years of heavy daily usage. I have also battled alcoholism my entire adult life. I also smoke marijuana on a nearly nightly basis. Additionally, I carry a very large and mixed bag of trauma (don't we all) - from my childhood and a series of relationships (romantic and otherwise).

All of this to say that this little book has been a secondary and alternate (and physical) journal of sorts for the better part of 4 years. Prior to finding Neocities, this was really the only journal like thing I was doing. I wasn't cataloging my life in journal form, aside from verbal diarrhea on the major social media platforms some years back (gotdamn am I glad I got off that shit), but nowhere else. This book? This book. During heavy depressive episodes, during hyperactive moments, during highs and during lows, during focus and during fog. When moved, I created - and continue to create - these sigils in varying degree of intent and clarity and detail and completion. I look at them as simultaneously releasing energy and focusing energy. These are mmoments in time and my mind and my capabilities to express myself without word, simply for myself. Some of them I know exactly what means what in each sigil, others are very much stream of consciousness style and just me spilling out my mind and heart and soul because it has to go somewhere and I haven't figure it out just yet.

At about 1/4 complete, there's still a lot of room to leave a mark and a memory and an emotion. But here is what I've done so far. I will add newly completed pages at the bottm, so as to reteain the chronilogical order of the thing.