Being a 30 year veteran of the graffiti and street art scene, I have managed to collect a number of slaps over the years. Being a fan of music and visual art has also aided in my collection of stickers. Here is a collection of photos I took of a sticker book I retired. I retired it not for the inability to fit more stickers, but because the binding is just shot and at this point it's just like stuffing pages to a book that has already been printed. Messy and unnecessary. So I deemed it a complete book, which it mostly is. here are photos of each spread.

I tried to keep the pages in order, but after editing photos and sending em from my phone to my email and getting 'em imported to Neocities, some definitely got out of place. I don't think it really matters. What matters is the stickers and subsequent sticker pages themselves. If you click an image, it will open in a new window in higher resolution. Hope you enjoy.