Jar Jam

Another pixel club! I'm sorry, I can't help myself, and I don't know exactly why. But I'm not fighting it.

This pixel club is revived thanks to Blissnet, who has this to say about it:

The original Jar Heads Club was started by Lexi, a forum user on the dollz forum TheDollersDen in early 2004.

The pixel jars started as a weekly pixel challenge on the forum, but it didnt take long until the weekly event grow into its own club, in April 2004 Lexie passed ownership of the club to her friend Stephanie, owner of Sugar-coated.com.

At the time, the club had over 80 members and was rapidly growing!

In late 2005, The Jarheads Club was closed due to some family issues the owner was dealing with, alongside a waning interest in the club has a whole.

While the club’s lifespan was pretty short, the talent members of the jarheads club were able to make some really amazing pixel art that still lives on to this day (mostly through the wayback)….

This club serves as a homage to the original club, and its cool and wonderfully creative members...



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