As part of the Yesterweb initiative for Halloween, here is my Halloween themed page - which you have landed on. BOO!

Now you must do either a trick or give a treat! If you're spicy, you can choose to do both, I'm not here to judge.

I'm not sure if it's the same for everyone, but I run into a lot of people who ask "Why do you love Halloween so much, isn't that a kids holiday?". Well, firstly, yes, it is primarily for the kids. I stand behind that. But who is to say you can't be a kid once and a while, yourself, when you're a grown adult? Adulting sucks. Let's have some fun once in a while, no?

I'm not the type to dress up, never have been. Even as a kid. But I support and love it when I see it, especially when it's done well. So come up with a good costume idea, make it yourself if you can because those are always better, and do the damn thing. Child and adult alike.

For me, Halloween is all about a few things. Autumn. Cooler weather. And candy. Free candy, no less. I remember the lady in my neighborhood growing up who would always hand out dumb shit like toothbrushes and floss. I hated her. I also remember the old dude on the other side of town that handed out a can of various kinds of soda. And there was always the one random somewhere else who would give ya the fullsized candybar. Those were the best.

I am stopping myself from posting a bunch of historical stuff from a bunch of different ethnicities and backgrounds who had their own version or definition of "Halloween", as they don't mirror the most widely understood and westernized version of the holiday. But I beckon anyone into history and roots of holidays - and, as a result, cultures - to spend some time reading about how different civilizations looked at the holiday and time of year. It is wildly fascinating.

That said, I would be remiss if I didn't mention that I live about twenty minutes away from the Halloween Capital Of The World.

Here are my favorite treats to get on Halloween. Let me know if you wanna send me some. My kids are grown and I live in the hood, so we don't really do the typical trick-or-treat thing. As such, unless I buy it, I don't get to enjoy a lot of these.

If you're vitually trick-or-treating, and I hope you are, here are a couple of treats you can take with you.

I made this font, download and install to use by clicking here. Here is a preview of it. I think it's perfectly suited to the season.

And here are my pixel stickers/treats I made from scratch that you can adopt. I named the pumpkin Derpkin and the skull I named Skully. A link back is appreciated but not required.

I have more graphics and tidbits to put in your pillow case (that's what we used to trick-or-treat with when I was a poor kid) before Halloween actually lands, so be sure to check back!


Here are all of the virtual treats I collected this Holiday season! Growing collection, so be sure to check back. If you have treats to give, please let me know!

Samhain Evolution Adoptable

Here are all the real world treats I've collected so far this holiday season, more to come!

This first one I actually picked up on my own at a local Hy-Vee because when I saw the name I couldn't pass it up. "Monster Pooper" from Treat Street. It's Halloween season, it's candy, it's a collectible, it's a stupiddumb poop related toy and candy and dispenser that set me back only $3. I had to. They have a Mummy, Dracula, Frankenstein, probably others. I got the Fraknenstein.

And here are some classic video game inspired tins and candy I had to pickup because duh. The tins are all metal with removable covers and candy themed after the game or console somehow. So fun.

I live in the big city, legitimately in the hood. As such, there's not a whole lot of people who decorate their lawns and houses for any season, leet alone Halloween. Especially not like people do in the suburbs. However, I did stumble on this house just on the ourskirts of the city before it creeps into the most adjacent so-called suburb. Will continute to document here any decorations worth a damn that I run into.

Here is some AI art that I created using Midjourney, only slight edits in Photoshop after the fact, that were inspired by or themed after the Halloween holiday and time of year. Some look like evolved versions of others - because they are, as I edited the terms but kept the base. If you want to see more of my AI art, here you go. Click on an image to load it in a new window at slightly higher resolution.


Autumnal Graves | Winter Weaver

Ghost Of Haloween Past & Present

Ghoul 0001 | Ghoul 0002

Ghoul 0003 | Ghoul 0004

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